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What is the Meeting of Creditors?

Between thirty (30) and forty (40) days after filing your bankruptcy petition, the randomly assigned Chapter 7 Trustee will hold a meeting of creditors.  During this meeting, the debtor is placed under oath and the Chapter 7 Trustee along with any creditors that attend may ask questions regarding your bankruptcy petition.

You MUST attend this meeting and be able to answer questions regarding the contents of your bankruptcy petition, including all the assets and liabilities you have listed.  If a husband and wife have filed a joint petition then BOTH the husband and wife must attend the meeting of creditors and answer questions.

Further, you must provide the Chapter 7 Trustee with certain documents at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting of creditors.  While each Chapter 7 Trustee may have certain requirements, generally you must produce at least the previous two (2) years tax returns, previous six (6) months of bank statements and pay stubs, and a Trustee Questionnaire.   Your attorney should be able to provide the documents to the Chapter 7 Trustee for you.

It is important to cooperate with the Chapter 7 Trustee and provide any financial records or documents that the Chapter 7 Trustee requests.

Randy M. Creighton, Esq.

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