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Recent Changes in the MOPED Laws in Nevada

We have all seen them around town, those little annoying scooters called mopeds.  Some may have referred to mopeds as DUI Scooters, since people that had received a DUI believed that they could drive a moped without registration, insurance or a driver’s license (typically those with a DUI also have their licenses revoked for 3 months to one year or more in some cases).  Those people were half right.  Prior to January 1, 2017, mopeds did not have to be registered with the DMV or insured, as long as they did not exceed 50cc or were not faster than 30 mph.  What people did not know is that a moped operator still required a valid driver’s License to use them on the streets and highways of Nevada, but any class of license may be used (moped operator did not need a special license, such as Class M for motorcycle).

The law has now changed and as of January 1, 2017, all mopeds are required to be registered and have a license plate.  However, as long as the scooter does not exceed 50cc or go faster than 30 mph, insurance is still not required.   The owner of the moped must take the moped to the DMV to have it inspected to be sure it meets the qualifications of a moped.  Any class of license still may be used to operate a moped, but it must be a valid license.  Any type of two wheeled cycle (even if sidecar) that exceeds 50cc or goes faster than 30 mph (no matter the size), must be registered as a motorcycle and insured, and you must also carry a Class M license (motorcycle).

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