Government Affairs

The Government Affairs team has been involved in most of the major legislative issues in every regular and special session for decades, representing a broad spectrum of industries that contribute to the sustainability of our state. While identifying issues and developing strategies for addressing those issues is fundamental to optimizing outcomes for any legislative issue, the process of modern lawmaking requires a significant degree of agility, resilience, and perseverance in pursuing the optimum outcome for the client.

Most importantly, our attorneys work with each other to ensure that each client receives the benefit of our combined knowledge, if necessary. We find that this approach results in time and cost efficiencies and provides our clients with a comprehensive solution.

Providing an Exclusive Nevada Perspective for Nevada’s Businesses: Our lawyers are part of the Nevada communities in southern and northern Nevada and understand what drives Nevada’s economy locally, regionally, and nationally from an exclusively Nevada perspective.

Who We Are

Black & LoBello AV-Rated full-service, Nevada focused law firm and government affairs shop.

We provide a wide variety of services in-house to businesses of all sizes— from startups to Fortune 100, and everything in between

Why Choose Black & LoBello?

Our team has maintained its edge by continuing to integrate and develop new talent, boasting the top freshmen lobbyists of the 2007 and 2013 Sessions. Our commitment to diversity in recruiting is based upon our belief that perception of policy is enhanced by differing perspectives. Our experience is both historic but relevant to today’s client needs. Black & LoBello has a depth and breadth of legislative advocacy unmatched in Nevada.


Members of the firm began in Nevada in 1977


Our team has a depth and breadth of legislative advocacy unmatched in Nevada.


We've covered 22 regular and 16 special sessions

Members of the firm began lobbying in Nevada in 1977, giving us an understanding of the process, the history and institutional knowledge that is without peer. In addition to our ongoing relationships with members of the legislative body, the Governor and the Attorney General and their staffs, our Government Relations team are recognized experts in administrative and regulatory law, practicing and counseling clients that have issues before the many government agencies that administer the laws once they have been passed.

Sensing where a compromise might lie requires not only knowledge but wisdom and that comes from experience.

Let our experience help you refine and focus your legislative outreach and communication.