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A Place to Store Your Profits

The Marijuana industry is growing at such a fast pace throughout the country, that until the Federal Government catches up and legalizes the purchase and sale of Marijuana, the issue of how to deal with the cash from the cash-only business is the major problem.

A couple of solutions have arisen in the purchase of classic vehicles and art, but a better investment exists.  Real Estate.  Taking the cash profits and purchasing the property you are renting, or property that may expand to, or even just real property as an investment could alleviate a company’s cash woes and provide a stable income stream that is non-marijuana related, as well as a stable business environment for your Marijuana business.

Cannabis Companies such as Native Roots out of Colorado and CalCann Holdings in California have already shifted their thought process to real estate.  Other entities such as Kalyx, a real estate investment trust is specifically aimed at purchasing properties in Marijuana approved states, to become the Marijuana industries landlord.

Be ahead of the curve, and look to the obvious, real estate.

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