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How To Keep Emotion Out of Divorce

When planning a divorce, a good family law attorney should help the client set aside emotions and develop a strategy based on common sense and the legal reality.  For example, children and money are normally a source of emotional anxiety and, in a divorce, both parties may have differing ideas of “what’s right”.  If each party has a different idea about how to share custody or to resolve finances, a divorce can take much longer than necessary and cost far more than it should.  In every scenario, the sooner you consult with an attorney, the better you will understand your situation and what is realistic. Nevada is a community property, equitable distribution state which means assets accumulated during the marriage must be divided so that each party receives 50% of the net community estate.  In the case of child support, Nevada has comprehensive formulas and legislation for calculating payments with relative ease.  Conversely, there is no formula for alimony, so decisions on that issue can vary from courtroom to courtroom.  Child custody problems may arise if one parent has competency issues but generally, joint custody will be granted.  Nevertheless, every family is different.  Consulting an attorney to discuss your particular situation will keep you grounded when forming an expectation as to the outcome of the divorce.

Michele T. LoBello, Esq.

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