Written by Delwyn Webber

How is Estate Planning affected during COVID-19?

*Please note that the Coronavirus has caused the information to change rapidly. While we are making every effort to keep this page updated for informational purposes, it is in no way to be construed as legal advice. Please speak to an attorney if you need information related to your unique case or contact us directly.*

Updated 04/27/2020


Can I still create or update an Estate Plan (including Wills, Trusts or Powers of Attorney)?

The office is still open, and consultations will be conducted telephonically.  Please call the office and we will provide you with the appropriate form(s) via email.  Once you have the form(s) we will teleconference with you and prepare the appropriate documentation.  The documentation will then be sent to you via email for review.  Once reviewed and any changes have been made, we will discuss the most appropriate way to have the documentation signed.​​ ​


Can ​​I​​ still file to open a Probate​​ or a Guardianship​​?​​ ​

Yes, ​​the majority of​​ Court filings are done electronically, so Petitions ​​can still be filed.  Further, Petitions and ​​Motion​​s​​ in a ​​current matter​​ can still be filed.​​  Following a teleconference, we can prepare the appropriate document and send to you via email for signing.​​ ​


What is the status regarding court hearings?​​ ​

Any ​​opposed matters, or matters that require hearings, ​​have been continued for at least 30 days and will be rescheduled as the Court calendar allows.​​ ​
Sale confirmations ​​will be confirmed based on papers filed with the court without the bidding, unless a notice of intent to overbid is filed and served 72 hours prior to the hearing.  If notice of intent is filed, the court will set a remote hearing through video or telephonic means; otherwise the sale will be approved.​​ ​

Matters that can be ​​approved without a hearing​​ will be approved if no objection is electronically filed and serve by 9:30am the day prior to the Hearing.​​  Orders or approved matters should be available after 10:30am on the morning of the scheduled hearing.​​ ​


Does the Protected Person in a Guardianship need to appear?

No,​​ all protected persons shall appear by alternative means.​​


During this Stay Home 4 Nevada period, the Governor is encouraging other services, including but not limited to legal, business and management consulting, professional services and insurance services to have employees work remotely. Black & LoBello will remain “on-call” 24/7 to answer your emergency legal concerns at no charge. We know you are concerned but we are here for you.


Remember, this too shall pass. In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy and be NEVADA STRONG!

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